The Asia Dow and The Europe Dow offer local and global investors alike with clear perspective on the regional markets of Asia and Europe. Introduced in 2011, the indices are maintained according to the same underlying principles and philosophy as the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Each of the indices is made up of 30 leading blue-chip companies, with the intent of representing the performance of the broader regional stock markets. Eligible for The Asia Dow are stocks traded in the markets of the Asia/Pacific region. The Europe Dow covers stocks traded in the markets of Western Europe.

Both The Asia Dow and The Europe Dow are maintained by the Dow Jones Averages Index Committee.

While the process by which stocks are selected for the indices is not governed by quantitative rules, a stock typically is added to The Europe Dow only if the company has an excellent reputation, demonstrates sustained growth and is of interest to a large number of investors. Maintaining adequate sector representation within the indices is also a consideration in the selection process.

Components of The Asia Dow and The Europe Dow are equally weighted within the indices.

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